Dreamers + Builders App Dev Bootcamp

Nov 20, 2021

Our 1st Dreamers + Builders App Dev Camp is off to an amazing start. We've been working with 5-8 bright young minds each week, helping them to understand the fundamentals of designing for web and mobile experiences, and learning about design as a foundation to ideas.

The students have learned about everything from empathizing with their user or customers, to defining a problem for their target audience, to making sure they get an NDA signed before sharing their app ideas with other developers or fellow entrepreneurs.

The students have diligently worked on creating requirements documents, performing business analysis, creating low-fi and hi-fi mockups, and they are gearing up to present their ideas to an audience of family, friends, peers and other community members.

We are excited about the work they have done, and the plethora of knowledge that they've gained over the course of their sessions! Cheers to our future app developers!